Gallery of Curious Dennis Webb Portraits

Being several images prepared for use on his web page.

A tortured image of a severe 1999 visa picture by staff fotog Nick Nelms. The galaxies are my shots of M81/82 and M101 from a Fort McKavett imaging expedition in early 1999. This was post haircut when I was suffering from a degree of depression. Can you tell? It was just too scary to use on the web page.

1998 Web page banner portrait with maximum hair and favorite hat with tassle. Derived from a photo of me at the 1997 Houston Art Car Ball by art photographer Debra Rueb and the then-recently published Hubble Deep Field. I was actually holding a cup of beer in the original.

Dennis demonstrating the CADABBR-SPPT at Texas Star Party '97, photo by wife, Ann Webb. No retouching or processing required.

A 1997 ceramic rendition by artist friend Susan Budge of the 1996 banner image. This is a scanned film photo of a clay work of art, derived from a heavily processed and retouched 4-bit GIF image, originally derived from a scanned photo of a real person in a real shirt. Anyone want to add to the revisioning?

Web page banner from 1996, also a 4-bit GIF. Amazing what you can do with 16 colors and Win 3.1 paint. My mother thought the halo presumptuous. My wife just shook her head. Original photo by David Pomeroy - I took his picture for his first web page the same day.

Dennis astrally conferring with Stephan's Quintet on being and nothingness (artist's conception). This started as the first digital picture of me taken at work in 1994, spliced with a false color Al Kelly image of Stephan's Quintet as a 4-bit GIF used as a web page banner in 1995.

Dennis with his old scope, a decorated 10" Coulter on the Shaw platform at TSP'93, in the pre-web days. Hat by Big Tim Hosler, to match the shirt. The pink ribbons indicate that Dennis (as CADABBR-SPPT) and the telescope (as a drawing setup) were contestants in the Amateur Telescope Making Contest. Commenting during the ATM review, Buster Wilson said "This fellow said he caught a photon and I am not going to argue with him." Who was the photographer?

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