Dennis' World-Wide and Extragalactic Web(b) Links  


Astronomical Friends
Al Kelly's CCD Astrophotography Page
Dick Miller's 338arps page
Chuck Shaw's Stars, Sailing, Space and Stuff
David Portree's Page
Fred Tenny's Gazer Aids

My Astronomy Organizations
Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society
North Houston Astronomy Club

Favorite Online Astronomy Tools
NED (NASA-IPAC Extragalactic Database)
HyperLEDA (like NED but different & French)
NGC-IC Project
David Malin's Ultra-Deep Galaxy Fields
Astromart (I have bought a lot of stuff here)
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Google (it often starts here...)

Favorite Astronomy Software
MegaStar (Willmann-Bell)
AIP for Windows (Willmann-Bell)
Adobe Photoshop
GradientXterminator plugin (Russell Croman)
Microsoft Excel (fabulous for table analysis)
AstroArt (image aquisition)
Skyglobe (ancient, beautiful DOS shareware)
Mars Previewer II (freeware, every two years)

Favorite Astronomy Places
Texas Star Party
Fort McKavett State Historical Site
Star Hill Inn near Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Visual Arts

Ann Webb's Wild Woman Page (My Wife!)

Artist Friends
Salli Babbitt
Susan Budge
Sarah Lawrence
Michael de Meng
Becky Ramotowski
Debra Rueb

Ceramic Sculpture
Fibre Arts

Places We Take Art Classes
Art and Soul  |  ArtFest  |  Art Unraveled

Places I Have Exhibited Artwork
The Art Alliance Center at Clear Lake
The Texas Star Party
Lawndale Art Center
New Mexico Museum of Fine Art

Historical Artists I Am Studying
Xul Solar | Niki de Saint Phalle | Remedios Varo


Other Things

NASA Johnson Space Center (my day job)
University of Houston (my alma mater)

Brass Rhythm and Reeds (my band 1979-95)
SPLOIDS (an old friend's invention)

Where my Dad was born
Where my Mom was born


Literary Arts

Writer Friends: Selected Works
Jack Bacon (co-worker)
   My Grandfather's Clock
   My Stepdaughter's Watch

Tom Clare (brother-in-law, sort of)
   Essay: Duncan Edwards
Jeff Kanipe (my Arp book co-author)
   Chasing Hubble's Shadows
   A Skywatcher's Year
   Backyard Astronomy... (with others)
   Advanced Skywatching... (with others)

Gene Kranz (my old boss and teacher)
   Failure Is Not an Option
Sy Liebergot (co-worker)
   Apollo EECOM: Journey of a Lifetime
Andy Mishkin (new space partner)
   Sojourner: An Insider's View of the Mars Pathfinder Mission
Granvil (Al) Pennington (long time friend)
   Companion’s of the Hawk -Book I
   Londar’s Keep – Book II
   Champions of Verlaine–Book III Part 1
   Champions of Verlaine–Book III Part 2
   Of Bards and Dragons–Book IV

David Pomeroy (local historian friend)
   Pasadena, the Early Years
Becky Ramotowski (astronomer friend)
   Secrets of Stargazing: Skywatching Tips and Tricks
Lois Zamora (scholar of magical realism)
   The Inordinate Eye: New World Baroque and Latin American Fiction
   The Usable Past: The Imagination of History in Recent Fiction of the Americas
   Writing the Apocalypse: Historical Vision in Contemporary U.S. and Latin American Fiction (and many more...)

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